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Pup Out London

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Pup Out Pre-Meet

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It's a casual meet for anyone that might want to meet up before Pup Out!

Starts Saturday 3rd of September 2022 - 10:00 AM

What is this?

It's a casual meet for anyone that might want to meet up before Pup Out! Feeling anxious about attending? Curious about the event? Or just want to come for a coffee and pet play chat? Then this is something for you!

The aim is to have a casual, gearless, meet for those who might be unsure about attending the main event.


We will be at Costa Coffee from 10am (just look for the hound in/with the bright pink hoodie), then heading over as a group to The Tokenhouse around the corner at about 10:50am for the event start at 11am. Feel free to turn up whenever you like and if you're nervous about coming in alone just let us know in advance (here or on Telegram) and someone can come out and meet you first so you don't have to approach the group alone.

If you can't see us initially then check at the back of the store around the corner!

There is no pressure to attend Pup Out if you come to the pre-meet, come for just a drink if you like, but we'd love to have you with us!

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